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Tabs3 Connect provides access to Tabs3 and PracticeMaster anywhere you can connect to the Internet. No apps to download, simply go to www.Tabs3Connect.com and log in using your iPhone®, Android device, iPad®, laptop, or even an Apple® computer. Tabs3 Connect gives you access to your client and contact information, fee and cost entry, personal and firm-wide calendar, and more. On smartphones and tablets, you can tap to create a fee, and flick to scroll through a list. Tabs3 Connect was designed to protect attorneys' sensitive information. The information you access using Tabs3 Connect is secure because it resides at your office, on your computer. It won't be stored on someone else's server in the cloud, or on a phone that you might lose.


Welcome to our website! We believe this site to be informative and insightful. If we can be of any assistance in your decision to add new technological advances or to train on your current technology investment, please contact us. We would love to provide a free Demo of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Software!

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Our Firm
Cheryl Atherton has over 25 years of accounting experience, comprising audits, tax preparation, client write-up, business consulting, management consulting and training. She served in the public accounting sector for 7 years where she was exposed to many corporate industries, using her audit and tax expertise. She has been working in the legal industry since 2003. She held a position as an Accountant and has been consulting with law firms since that time with an emphasis on software development, customization, automation, training and financial analysis. Mrs. Atherton is involved on a monthly basis with law firms, attending board meetings to assist in both the aspect of accounting and software enhancement, as well as development with staff. Mrs. Atherton graduated with a BS in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University. She is a Certified Public Accountant in Oklahoma (Cert No 14326).


Effective use of the Tabs3 PracticeMaster software must be founded upon thorough training of users. Training tools included with the software are the multi-media tutorials, trial data to use as practice and manuals in pdf format.

Our training is designed to complement the aforementioned training tools. We recognize that few businesses have the luxury of allowing their staff to spend considerable non-billing hours trudging through the self-help materials. Our training is designed to minimize the disruption to the daily activities of a business and facilitate a smooth transition from currently-used systems to Tabs3/PracticeMaster.


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