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The Importance of Training

An employee's workplace environment is "Key" to their level of productivity. How well the workplace engages an employee in training impacts their level of motivation to perform. This then influences the employee's reduced error rates, increased level of motivation, fewer days from work and finally increased longevity.
Training in Tabs3 and PracticeMaster

Effective use of the Tabs3 PracticeMaster software must be founded upon thorough training of users. Training tools included with the software are the multi-media tutorials, tutorial data to use as practice, and product manuals.

Our training is designed to complement the aforementioned training tools. We recognize that few businesses have the luxury of allowing their staff to spend considerable non-billing hours trudging through the self-help materials. Our training is designed to minimize the disruption to the daily activities of a business and facilitate a smooth transition from currently-used systems to Tabs3/PracticeMaster.

Our trainers have over 5 years of experience with the Tabs3/PracticeMaster software and have trained users in many firms.

Training Formats We Offer

We offer on site training (group or one-on-one) or remote training (Via the Web accessing your systems). We offer travel to your firms local, if required. Contact us to discuss software training options for you!

Listed below are the hours recommended by Software Technology, Inc. (STI) for training on their software. This is a guide and is adjusted for those who have prior use of the STI software and/or an accounting background. Training hours also depend on how many people will be attending.


Average Hours

Material Covered



Setup; Data Entry for Fees, Costs and Payments; Statement Preparation; Reports; Month-End process; Utilities; Statement Designer

Accounts Payable


Setup; Cash Requirements and Check processing;  Reports

General Ledger


Integration with A/P and Tabs3; Journal Entries; Reports

Trust Accounting


Integration with Tabs3 and G/L; Data Entry for Deposits, Checks EFTs; Reports



Setup; Related Party/Contacts; Calendaring; Client data entry; Conflict Searching; Document Management and Searching; Notes and E-mail Management



System Access and Rights Management; Data Entry for Users; Outlook Integration


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