Remote Services

We believe that it is important to keep up with today's technological world by providing remote services to our clients. By offering remote Demonstrations, Installations and Training we are able to keep your costs to a reasonable level and still provide quality service. Our expertise allows us to offer services in the area of System Software Analysis and Accounting. An additional benefit to remote services is that we can access your system at night without disrupting daily work flow in your firm. Some projects take longer and require after hours access, by providing this service it allows us to complete Critical Projects.

Small Business & Accounting Services

All law firms are in business to offer services to their clients, but for that service they expect to generate cash flow. Consulting Ideas & Solutions, PLLC helps you set up a billing system to suit your firm. We also offer accounting services by customizing the flow of the income to the financial statements, as well as provide accounting consultation. It is our expertise in Accounting that allows us to stand out as professionals in the software industry. As Certified Public Accountants we can offer services above and beyond those of other resellers including Data Entry, Client Write-Up, Payroll Taxes and Tax preparation.

Practice Management

What is practice management? It is the evaluation, development, technological application and processes implementation the firm may use to assimilate client-related matters. Proper use of these management practices can allow the lawyers, legal assistants and staff professionals to be more efficient, effective, ethical and responsive to the needs of their clients. Consulting Ideas & Solutions, PLLC has extensive background consulting with law firms and with Tabs3 and PracticeMaster software from Software Technology LLC. We provide added value to your firm by training in the organization and management of client and the matter aspects. PracticeMaster allows you to have information from your physical files at your fingertips. The organizational areas of PracticeMaster include:

  • CRM Feature
  • Conflict of Interest Checking
  • Client Calendaring and Scheduling
  • Areas of Practice Templates
  • Database Customization
  • Document Management
  • Billing Tasks
  • Check Requests
  • Workflows


A live demonstration with a certified consultant will help you get answers to questions about the software’s features, functionality, technical support, pricing and training. Software pricing for all products offered through Consulting IS PLLC matches the developer’s pricing and is not marked up. Consulting IS will provide a detailed proposal that includes software pricing as well as estimated installation, configuration and training costs.

Installation & Configuration

A term that encompasses more than just loading the software onto your computer, configuration is that setup required by a software package before it can be used. How that setup is completed determines how the software behaves, how intuitive it is, and how suitable it is for the environment in which it will be used.

Consulting IS brings over 20 years of experience to each installation and will make sure that your system is set up in a way that will enable you to take advantage of those features that will benefit your firm the most.

Data Conversion

Data can be converted from almost any software package into Tabs3 and PracticeMaster. Consulting IS can help you determine the best way to convert your data, and will help you coordinate the process.


Software training provides the necessary guidance to ensure that you are making the most out of the features that are most beneficial to your firm (and knowledgeably bypassing those that are not). Because of our targeted approach, your software can be operational in the least amount of time possible. Training sessions generally last for a maximum of 4 hours and are staggered so that you do not get trained on an area until you are ready to use it.

Technical Support

Sometimes tech support is a simple set of “How To” instructions, and sometimes it’s much, much more. Each of the software packages offered by Consulting IS has its own technical support line, which is a great resource for learning “How To.” When your problem requires a more analytical approach, Consulting IS offers procedural advice and creative problem solving to help you move forward through whatever obstacles may arise in your daily operations.